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About TBT

     Back in the 1850’s, the Greene’s came to settle the on our 6th generation farm.  Through subsequent generations, we acquired additional land to increase the farming operation. 


     Though we have several sentimental pieces of land, none is quite like the OxBow.  The OxBow acquired it’s name because of the boundary formed by the Maquoketa River.  This land will forever be the pride and joy of the family.


     Ronald Reid, father and grandfather of the owners of TimBuckToo, used to put our value in our land in perspective.  He would say ‘the land does not belong to us, we are merely stewards of the ground.’ TimBuckToo is our opportunity to share this land with you.


     With the land providing some of the best whitetail hunting opportunities in Eastern Iowa, TBT provides a multitude of conditions unlike anywhere else on this Earth.

Hunting, Farm land, whitetail deer, wooded acres
Hunting, Farm land, whitetail deer, wooded acres
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